We offer various kinds of sweatshirt, tee shirt, jacket, casual wear, women's sweatshirt, men's shirt, embroidered sweatshirt and so on.We are offering all types of ladies branded t-shirts in large quantity. We are Stockists & Dealers of Export Surplus Stock lot Garments and also specialize in shipment cancelled ready made garments

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JUTE & JUTE PRODUCTS : The Golden Fibre

We are exporting all kind of Jute & Jute goods from Bangladesh. We export Raw Jute/Jute fiber / Jute sack/Jute bag/Gunny sack/Jute yarn/Jute twine/ Jute tape Etc. We deal in and export different grades of Jute Goods.


We are a supplier of different forms of Natural Rubbers and Rubber Latex in Bangladesh. We deal in and export different grades of Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS-1, RSS-2, RSS-3, RSS-4 & RSS-5 ) and Rubber Latex.


We export Mill Scale Bangladesh Origin Fe base content 70% and Sio2+Cao is less than 3%. We are offering Mill Scale in huge quantities by bulk chartered vessel or by container. It is also being loaded directly into containers for shipment. If the customer insists, it can be packed in 1.2 MT Jumbo bags and then stuffed into the container for shipment. We have in-house ship chartering and logistics department to suport our customers. Mill scale is formed on the outer surfaces of plates, sheets or profiles when they are being produced by rolling red hot iron or steel billets in rolling or steel mills. Mill scale is composed of iron oxides mostly ferric and is bluish black in color.


We are exporting various sizes life boatlife boat with engine,design boat for pleasure as per demand(Open Lifeboat,Totally Enclosed,Partially Enclosed Lifeboat,New Mini boat ) Davit, Marine spare parts,New Mini boat (Japanese Factory) from Bangladesh since long time. We have stock of life boats, life raft,lifesaving Equipment, safety Equipment ,Marine Antique at our warehouse /yard and our price is very competitive.


Nineteen Universe (Pvt) Limited is a seafood importer and exporter specializing in sourcing the finest fresh and frozen seafood from around the Bangladesh. We offer the best in seafood experience for you , providing not only high-class products but also world-class business solutions.


We are exporting fresh potato with Good quality, smooth and natural yellow skin at competitive price which meet international standards. Supplying period: All year round , Variety : Diamond Long Shape/Granole Round Shape Our products can be stored for several months under proper conditions. We packed Each potato is wrapped individually by foam net. Potatoes are separated by paper trays and covered with plastic bags or as per buyer's requirement. If you are interested in our products, please contact us at anytime. We are pleased to answer your any questions.

We specialize in the process and export of potatoes and other fresh vegetables from Bangladesh and our vast experience in thi line is your competitive advantage.


We successfully ventured in the field of manufacturing and exporting all kinds of PET Bottle Flakes. We have well-trained professionals who fuel the imagination for designing and manufacturing structurally strong and stunning Plastic Flakes. We always keep quality and customer satisfaction in the forefront during manufacturing and distributing of Bottle Recycling Machineries. Flakes having following Specs:

PVC < 0.05%, Moisture < 1%, Other impurities < 1%

We have the most advanced machineries for manufacturing PET Bottle Grinding, Washing, Drying, Sheaving, Sorting, etc. and we also have the best inspecting system to monitor the production to its best and efficient capacity .


We manufacture/produced Crushed Bone, Bone Grist and Bone Meal. We are engaged in processing, supplying and exporting a qualitative array of Crushed Animal Bones. Our prices are very low as compared to the quality of our material , quantity as per buyer requirement , shipment time is 100 % perfect as per contract time and all certificates required by custom authorities.


We Export River Sand from Chittagong River.


We import / manufacture/produced Sealed Lead UPS Battery. Charge Light Battery, UPS, ATX Power Supply, Computer & Mobile Accessories.


We are engaged in importing various commodities in Bangladesh as per local demand.